12 - 15 February 2020 // Nuremberg, Germany
VIVANESS 2020 Trends

Sustainable and natural: Trends in natural and organic cosmetics for 2020

More and more consumers are opting for natural and organic cosmetics, and not just because they can be tolerated better. In addition to high-quality ingredients, the responsible use of raw materials, waste avoidance and innovative future-oriented ideas are increasingly important.
VIVANESS 2020 Trend - Zero Waste bathroom

Zero Waste bathroom

Deliberately avoiding waste in the bathroom is a trend that extends across all product groups. New and innovative products are reducing transport weight. Water-free solid cosmetics like hair soap, solid care bars and care products in powdered form are helping to achieve more sustainability in the bathroom. And dental care accessories like bamboo toothbrushes and sustainable sanitary products like menstrual cups are providing new paths to climate-friendly body care. You can find these and many other products, concepts and ideas for zero waste in the bathroom at VIVANESS.
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VIVANESS 2020 Trend - All about hemp

All about hemp

Hemp has a polarizing effect, even if it has long been in wide use in areas such as food supplements and textiles. Now it is conquering the natural and organic cosmetics market. It has many potential uses: from creams to food supplements, the number of products using hemp oil and CBD is on the rise. Innovative skin care products, in particular, draw on the proven effectiveness of these age-old plants. The result is products with amazing performance that are every bit as good as conventional cosmetics in terms of texture, formulation and effectiveness. You will be impressed by what hemp can offer as a popular active ingredient: Discover the many new developments and improved recipes, and learn about the huge research commitment by the natural and organic cosmetic industry.
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VIVANESS 2020 Trend - Dental Care

Dental care

The trend in oral and dental care is toward an even greater selection of organic products such as dental floss and mouthwash in a range of flavours. At VIVANESS you can discover a wide range of toothpastes and dental powders, in addition to all kinds of innovative accessories. Toothbrushes made of recycled plastic, dental floss using sustainable raw materials, and mouthwash in powdered form are just a few examples of improved sustainability in the bathroom. Oral and dental care now constitutes one of the most dynamic product groups in the natural and organic cosmetic industry. You can look forward to start-ups with great passion for experimentation and a wide selection of dental hygiene products for the entire family.
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VIVANESS 2020 Trend - Packaging


Fridays for Future has long ensured that consumers think more about their consumption and want greater transparency in all aspects of packaging. This topic is still very new, but it will continue to be a part of our lives. It is a development that falls on fertile ground among manufacturers in all parts of the natural and organic cosmetics industry, since this is an area where sustainable packaging and high-quality products converge. At VIVANESS you will find the latest packaging concepts from both young and established brands. Learn first-hand about new approaches to reduce packaging, a new way of handling sustainable alternatives, and smart products for which demand is steadily growing.
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