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Five questions to Agnese Irbe from INEX Cosmetics

Agnese Irbe from INEX Cosmetics
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Agnese Irbe from INEX Cosmetics // © INEX Cosmetics

1. What do you do - what is special about your company and your products

We have developed a new approach to beauty care – INEX Cosmetics. It is a company that develops and produces homeopathic skin care with internal and external use. We take care of a beautiful and healthy skin not only from the outside, but also from the inside. All our products are systemic products – for inside and outside use, with formulas that complement each other. It is a holistic skin care.

2. Who had the idea or how it all started?

I, Agnese Irbe had the idea to integrate homeopathy into skin care. Since I use homeopathy for years and know how well it works, I started to experiment with homeopathy in the creams. The result was amazing!  I also started to use homeopathy from the inside for skincare. After many experiments I had discussion with my doctor – homeopath – and she was convinced, homeopathy can be very effective in skin care. She has developed precise formulas for us that are crafted to achieve the result for internal and external skincare. We researched for three years, only this year we started the production.

3. INEX Cosmetics at VIVANESS – what do you expect from your participation?

We expect new partners to bring our innovation to the world and show a totally different approach to skincare.

4. Which natural cosmetic product is indispensable for you personally?


5. Describe INEX Cosmetics with three hashtags