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Five questions to Dr. Theresa Friedrich from Derma ID – my cosmetic pharmacy

Dr. Theresa Friedrich from Derma ID – my cosmetic pharmacy
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Dr. Theresa Friedrich from Derma ID – my cosmetic pharmacy // © Christian Wind

1. What is your business about – what is your USP?

Uniqueness – everyone is unique and so is your skin. To enlight everyones personal beauty, Derma ID was founded. Our bespoke skincare is costumzied to meet the specific needs and expectations of our costumers. Our Products are certified organic and we mostly use raw ingredients, to ensure your skin gets the most out of it. The pharmaceutical knowlegde and craftsmanship of founder, Dr. Theresa Friedrich can be found in every product.

2. Who started it and how?

During her time in New York City, where founder Dr. Theresa Friedrich lived during her PhD thesis, she and her husband developed the idea for costumized skincare. Due to her own sensitive skin and the disappointment that skincare can not be personalized, the couple founded back home in Austria “Derma ID”. The company started with the bespoke skincare and developed many other products since – all done by Dr.Theresa Friedrich herself and of course certified organic!

3. Derma ID at VIVANESS – what do you expect from your participation?

Many lovely talks, at which we can explain and show the power and exclusivness of our skincare products. We also look for more international contacts, as we see a lot potential within the US and Asian Market for our products.

4. Which natural and organic cosmetic product is your personal beauty-must-have?

Our bespoke Skincare Regime

5. Describe Derma ID with three hashtags