13 - 16 February 2024 // Nürnberg, Germany


Natural and organic cosmetics as trend market

Elfriede Dambacher, naturkosmetik konzepte
Elfriede Dambacher, naturkosmetik konzepte // © Elfriede Dambacher, naturkosmetik konzepte

I enjoy starting the new year with news like this. Although the annual figures for 2018 aren’t yet available, the data so far indicates a clear turning point: Natural and organic cosmetics are in the lead! The natural and organic cosmetics segment is the only one in the entire German cosmetics market that’s growing. Natural beauty products are also gaining ground worldwide. Access channels for natural and organic cosmetics have become broader and they’re reaching more and more consumers who are testing them out, daring to try something new and rejecting preconceived notions. They’re also performing impressively in all product groups. Persistent efforts in research and development are bearing fruit. Natural and organic cosmetics now include fantastic products that meet consumers’ expectations in all product categories. And there’s more: A growing number of consumers are willing to pay more for ethically correct and environmentally friendly products. The market is more dynamic than ever before. So there’s every reason to expect 2019 will be another exciting year for natural and organic cosmetics. And the more information buyers have on natural and organic cosmetics and the more they’re able to reliably recognize them, the better for the sector. But the challenges are growing. The market is being watched from all sides, the news is spreading and information on naturalness and sustainability is becoming more varied. It’s not at all easy to navigate as a consumer. For some time, the entire cosmetics industry has been experimenting with how “green” it can become, which has led to a new generation of modern greenwashing products. So it’s all the more important to have a platform on which supply and demand can meet. For me, VIVANESS is the international trade fair with clear admission rules for natural and organic cosmetics with and without certification. That’s why I’m looking forward to February. At VIVANESS, I can experience the diversity and dynamics of the natural and organic cosmetics sector in a unique way. Each year, this international trade fair serves as my yardstick for gauging the strength and vitality of the natural and organic cosmetics sector. I’m looking forward to experiencing the true value of the sector among newcomers and traditionalists: innovation and continuity.

Elfriede Dambacher, owner of the consultancy firm naturkosmetik konzepte, is an international expert in the natural and organic cosmetics industry and publisher of the current Natural Cosmetics Yearbook and the Natural Cosmetics Trade Monitor, which appears quarterly: http://www.naturkosmetik-konzepte.de/