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From the series "Elfriede Dambacher column"

Elfriede Dambacher, naturkosmetik konzepte
Elfriede Dambacher, naturkosmetik konzepte // © Elfriede Dambacher, naturkosmetik konzepte

Every three months, I eagerly await the latest research results on the development of the cosmetics market – and like previous quarters, the third quarter of 2017 has shown clearly that the market is changing. If we take the cosmetics market as a whole, we can see that nearly every western industrialised nation has a saturated cosmetics market. If we take a closer look, however, a significant change that first began many years ago becomes evident. Market shares are steadily shifting towards greener products, in other words, towards natural products with or without certification marks and towards “nature-inspired” cosmetics. Even though there are differences between these categories, this trend indicates clearly that consumers are seeking more natural and milder products. The result of this is already visible: The cosmetics market is becoming greener in general, and in my opinion, that will continue to increase. Why? Because interest in milder products is growing all over the world. And that means a great opportunity for the natural and organic cosmetics market.

Germany is the largest natural and organic cosmetics market in Europe and, for many market players, the most challenging market as well. Now, here of all places, growth is slowing after years of strong growth rates. It’s no wonder then that opinions such as, “The natural and organic cosmetics market has become saturated,” and, “The market no longer exists,” are being expressed at the moment. I don’t agree with these opinions. I think it’s fatal to content oneself with a quick explanation and believe that now is actually the time to be scrutinizing the market more closely. It is fact that demand is increasing. More natural and organic cosmetic products are being sold and are reaching new consumers every day – with the number of new customers going up every day too.

In my view, the industry’s main question at the moment is, “How do natural cosmetics reach more consumers and can the market players emphasize the benefits of natural cosmetics?”

I believe natural and organic cosmetics could easily “talk up” their benefits more, both in advertisements and at points of sale. I often ask myself what would happen if manufacturers and retailers were to get more creative here and design a world of experience together that would surprise ambitious natural cosmetics consumers. I’m sure it would attract plenty more!

Elfriede Dambacher, the owner of consultancy firm naturkosmetik konzepte, is an international expert in the natural cosmetics industry, the publisher of various market studies and a book author. www.naturkosmetik-konzepte.de