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On the hunt for beauty with Julia Keith: Five beauty trends at VIVANESS in 2019

Julia Keith, „Beautyjagd“
Julia Keith, „Beautyjagd“ // © Julia Keith, „Beautyjagd“

At VIVANESS this year I’ll once again be on the lookout for new trending products. Often, beauty trends don’t emerge in a vacuum but in conjunction with developments in other sectors – something which is well illustrated by some of the following trends:  

Nordic Beauty

For many years, Scandinavian interior trends have determined how we furnish our homes. So it’s no surprise that natural and organic cosmetics from the North are also booming. German-Finnish start-up Inari will be presenting luxurious cosmetics featuring an arctic plant complex from Lapland. Denmark will bring us cornflower-scented shampoos from Unique that are based on milk proteins. The use of mushrooms is also an interesting feature of the new hair care range from Latvian company Mádara. But functional mushrooms are not just one of the latest food trends; they have been appreciated in North-Eastern Europe for a long time now because of their healing properties.

Pre- and probiotic natural and organic cosmetics & dermaceuticals

The beauty sector is devoting a lot of attention to the skin microbiome. Pre- and probiotic ingredients can have a positive effect on the skin’s microorganisms and therefore ensure healthy skin. At VIVANESS, for example, you can discover the prebiotic face mist from Italian brand Oyuna, which can also be applied over make-up. Sativa, a natural and organic cosmetics brand from Belarus, has designed its entire skin care range to be biomimetic, and the products also contain selected prebiotics.

Anyone following the international skin care scene is unlikely to have missed the hype about fruit acid peels – alpha hydroxy acids are said to stimulate skin renewal and the formation of collagen. As natural and organic cosmetic alternatives I am keeping an eye on Delidae’s EE peeling or the micro-peeling from Eau Thermale Jonzac with its interesting formulation.

Cica creams, which are currently very popular in the USA and Korea, are also part of the dermaceutical segment. They not only promise faster healing of scars but also an anti-aging effect. One example from the natural and organic cosmetics field is the Alga Cicosa Reparative Creme from Laboratoires de Biarritz.

Zero-waste products (& other innovative packaging)

Sustainable packaging is becoming increasingly important for natural and organic cosmetics. Leading the way is the zero-waste brand Lamazuna with its new solid shaving bar packaged in cardboard. Benecos has also decided to reduce packaging with its refillable Freaking Hot Refill Palette.

Also in widespread use meanwhile are plastic tubes made of natural resources like sugar cane (e.g. from Urtekram or La Saponaria). The Unicorn soap tin consists of 100% biologically degradable liquid wood, yet another innovation.

Italian brand Carone’s Nutryancor skin care range is totally committed to the closed-loop economy, with ingredients manufactured in part using food waste from carrots or apples.

Lifestyle and sport products (focus: sports/active beauty)

In recent years, the fashion industry has been strongly influenced by sportswear – and this trend is now also being reflected in the beauty segment. For example, Berlin-based natural and organic cosmetics firm i+m offers its Extra Strong Deo Creme for sporting activities. And Tyrolean brand Unterweger has developed a new skin care range especially for fans of outdoor sports.

Other things I have noticed

There are a lot of brands from Asia at VIVANESS this year, reflecting a growing trend. The sheet face masks from Taiwanese company Inna Organics or the aromatherapy products by Japanese brand ARTQ Organics are for example on my list of products to look at. My personal tip: don’t miss the Pink Everlasting Ampoule from Urang Naturals from Korea!

About Julia Keith

In 2010 Julia Keith established the best-known German language blog for organic and natural and organic cosmetics. Since then, she has been devoting her days to searching for the most exciting beauty trends in the world.