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On the hunt for beauty with Julia Keith

Julia Keith, „Beautyjagd“
Julia Keith, „Beautyjagd“ // © Julia Keith, „Beautyjagd“

Five beauty trends at VIVANESS 2018 you should look out for

My blog isn’t called “Beautyjagd”, which literally translates as “beauty hunt”, for no reason: I love discovering new beauty trends. I can do a lot of research online, but nothing beats a real beauty hunt in person at a trade fair – which is exactly why I will be keeping my eyes peeled for the following five beauty trends at VIVANESS 2018.

Asia beauty: K-Beauty and inspiration from TCM

A few years ago, BB creams triggered the first Korean beauty hype in the West, and the European and American cosmetic markets have continued to be influenced by trends from Asia since then. For example, natural cosmetics brand Whamisa is going to be presenting a new Peeling Mitt at VIVANESS. This pad soaked with liquid simultaneously moistens and exfoliates the skin with fruit acids. Such products are already a big hit in Korea. Another natural cosmetics brand, Master Lin, did originate in Austria, but its skincare concept was actually created in cooperation with a monk and herbal experts from Taiwan. Its products’ ingredients are inspired by traditional Chinese medicine and can be attached to the five elements.

Sustainable packaging and zero waste

Natural cosmetics are not just distinguished by natural ingredients, their packaging should also be environmentally friendly. One role-model company here is French brand Lamazuna, which has devoted itself to the zero-waste philosophy completely: Its solid shampoos and lollipop-like toothpastes either have no packaging at all or are just sold in very thin boxes. Another water-free product is the innovative Miracle Powder developed by Plaine, a start-up founded in the Allgäu. This multifunctional powder transforms into a shampoo, a shower foam and a shaving foam when it comes into contact with water, while the sachet it comes in is made of renewable resources and is biodegradable.

New plant-based active ingredients created by fermentation

Plant-based ingredients are the heart of natural cosmetics. Now, the manufacturing of plant-based active ingredients is being revolutionized by new technologies and existing technologies that have been updated, such as fermentation. Some fermented ingredients not only act as antioxidants and nourish the skin, but also have preservative properties and ensure the cosmetic keeps for a long time. Examples of products that are demonstrating the results of processes like fermentation include Hands on Veggies’ “vegetably” body care line and Armina’s probiotic facial care products. 

Special care for the scalp

Haircare begins with deliberate care of the scalp. This is already a widespread concept in Asia, and now shampoos and treatments specifically developed for a dry or greasy scalp are available in Germany too. Ueberwood’s Scalp Care Shampoo strengthens the skin’s natural barrier with a pinewood extract.

Urban lifestyle: anti-pollution

Smog, dust and other pollutants are harmful to our skin as well as our respiratory organs. To reduce the negative skin side effects of an urban lifestyle, anti-pollution cosmetic products contain active ingredients that either absorb pollutants or act as antioxidants. These are found in products such as Lavera’s Hydro Effect Cleansing Balm and the Active Charcoal Mask by Sante. There is also Surface’s Face Mist, which is believed to have the effect of a protective shield and can be sprayed on every now and then, and even over make-up.

About Julia Keith

Julia Keith set up the biggest German blog for organic and natural cosmetics in 2010 and has been on the hunt for the world’s most exciting beauty trends every day since.