13 - 16 February 2024 // Nürnberg, Germany


hello simple – the easy way to do-it-yourself

Young innovative companies pavilion
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Two young women from Berlin have a vision: “We want people to know what they are putting on their skin! The solution? Simple and natural organic care products and washing powder in sustainable packaging that anyone can mix up freshly at home.” This is how hello simple founders Jacqueline Gey and Lisa Mair describe their concept.

Both women have worked in sustainable agriculture and green start-ups and acquired experience in various organisations and companies. They got to know one another during an internship at the Gesellschaft für Nachhaltigkeit, a sustainability organization, and realised that they shared a vision. They wanted to move away from research and consultancy and take action, quite specifically in the drugstore products sector. Because there were a few things that bothered them, like the long, incomprehensible lists of ingredients on product packaging and the large number of plastic tubes and pots that ended up in the household. Couldn't that be done better? There are lots of recipes around for making your own cosmetics, but the two friends came to realise that it wasn't so easy to procure the ingredients and get the formulation right and so on.

And so the business concept “hello simple”' was born: Recipes that are as simple as possible and can be produced using everyday kitchen equipment using organic ingredients supplied in glass jars and paper bags. This means that on a daily basis   you can enjoy your home-made products like cream deodorant, body butter and washing powder, which are also ideal to give as gifts. “Cosmetics are nourishment for the skin and so we believe that the best cosmetics are those freshly prepared from high-quality ingredients,”' says Jacqueline Gey. Moreover, the formulations are vegan. The positive response from family, friends and clients of the young company, that was established just a year ago, is very promising.

The firm hello simple (www.hellosimple.de) is one of the exhibitors at the pavilion for young innovative companies, which receives funding from the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWI) and is designed for newcomers and start-ups from Germany. At VIVANESS, the international trade fair for natural and organic personal care (www.vivaness.de) from 14 -17 February 2018, you will find the 10-company pavilion in Hall 7A.