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“Chasing Beauty” with Julia Keith

Julia Keith, „Beautyjagd“
Julia Keith, „Beautyjagd“ // © Julia Keith, „Beautyjagd“

Every year I look forward to discovering new natural and organic cosmetics at VIVANESS. This year there are just under 350 new products listed, wow! From these, some trends are emerging that I find exciting and that also reveal certain things about our society:

Hemp from head to toe

The hemp trend has now spilled over into Europe from the USA. While the image of hemp and cannabis has previously been somewhat disreputable, the focus now is on their health benefits. Pure organic hemp seed oil (e.g. the new product from Primavera) nurtures very dry and irritated skin. This is why it is also included in the BIO:VÉGANE hemp facial care range. The Slovenian brand Hemptouch even uses the calming ingredient CBD in its skincare products, without the intoxicant THC of course.

Solid cosmetics

Who would have thought that soap bars and solid cosmetics would make a big comeback in 2020? I have the impression that shampoo bars, hair soaps and deodorant sticks have now almost become mainstream. The benefits of solid cosmetics are obvious: Because the products do not contain any water, less CO2 occurs during transport. There is also no need for plastic packaging, because generally solid cosmetics are supplied in simple outer packaging, if they have any packaging at all.

There are now traditional soap bars available specifically for cleansing the face (e.g. by “Made by SPEICK” featuring various clays that reinforce the cleaning effect of the soap). If you prefer not to use alkaline cleansers, you can opt for the cloud-shaped facial cleanser from Lamazuna or the soap-free body cleansing bar for sensitive skin from BIOTURM.

The range of solid cosmetic products for hair care is also becoming more extensive: LOGONA and SANTE both offer new shampoo bars for washing hair, while Ayluna and Jolu offer solid conditioners. The Italian brand Officina Naturae has just launched a new range of solid products called “CO.SO” (SOlid COsmetics). At VIVANESS you can also get to know the new shower and shampoo bars from BEN&ANNA. You are probably already familiar with the solid deodorants from this German brand.

New oral health and dental products

There are also new concepts to be discovered in the oral health and dental care segment. Instead of traditional toothpaste in a tube, you can now choose between tooth powder (e.g. organic ginger tooth powder from ELIAH SAHIL) and toothpaste in tablet form (e.g. DENTTABS or georganics). When combined with a wet toothbrush and your saliva they produce a creamy foam for brushing your teeth. There is also no longer a need to transport mouthwash in large bottles. The mouthwash powder from Qikfresh for example can be taken directly into the mouth as a powder. With her ISATIS Mouth Micro Clean based on activated charcoal, Martina Gebhardt offers a new a dental care product for use 2-3 times a week.

New packaging solutions

The issue of packaging in natural and organic cosmetics is a complex one. No packaging at all is scarcely feasible (except perhaps in the case of the solid cosmetics mentioned above), because the content of a product needs to be durably well protected. Traditionally, glass or metal tubes are used; however, sometimes plastic cannot be dispensed with. Recently, there have been some developments in this area. For example, at VIVANESS you will find products in packaging made from recyclate (e.g. from i+m NATURKOSMETIK) or ocean plastic (at KILIG NATURE 50% of the packaging comes from the Philippine Sea). You will also discover plastic made from renewable raw materials, such as Hydrophil’s toothpaste tube, which has a 40% better carbon footprint as a result. These solutions are often not yet ideal, but they are a step towards more environmentally conscious cosmetics packaging. Another innovation is the dental floss from yaweco that comes in a refillable wooden container.

Another important issue for the sector is diversity

For some time now there have been calls for more diversity, and at long last not just in social media networks! Product ranges and advertising photos are also being scrutinised in this context: Why is it always automatically assumed that customers have fair skin types and straight hair? In the natural and organic cosmetic segment in particular, there is a need for more make-up for darker skin tones and specific hair care products for frizzy or curly hair. Therefore I absolutely urge all visitors to VIVANESS to be sure to take a look at the foundations by MÁDARA or to seek out the Afrolocke booth.

About Julia Keith

In 2010 Julia Keith established beautyjagd (chasing beauty), the best-known German language blog for organic and natural cosmetics. Since then, she has been devoting her days to searching for the most exciting beauty trends in the world.