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Concentrating on essentials

It began while packing their travel bags. Bulky shaving cream containers and wet shaving brushes made life more complicated for Ernest Schmidt and Achim Kiechle, the two owners of plaine. This inspired them to develop a completely new and unique shaving powder. Their luggage became lighter, remained dry and, with only a few small sachets, they could pack everything they would need on a trip.  The concentration on essentials became the epitome of the new brand plaine: Soothing to the skin, simple and natural in terms of production, application and disposal. Their next project was making plastic shampoo and shower product bottles superfluous by creating the plaine “Pulverwunder“ (“miracle powder“), a powder that serves as an all-in-one shampoo, shower foam and shaving foam, benefits the hair and soothes body and soul with high-quality extracts of horse chestnut, witch hazel and wheat protein – a great miracle in a small sachet. Adding water to only 3 grams of powder yields a rich and dense lather.


Certified natural cosmetics

plaine formulations contain only a few carefully selected ingredients on purely natural basis. plaine products are certified by BDIH.


Water is life

Only a minimum of water is needed for the production of plaine products – in contrast to liquid shampoos and shower products that to a large extent consist of valuable water. While consumers here use approximately 120 liters of water for washing, cleaning and cooking, according to estimates by the World Health Organisation WHO, almost one billion humans have no access to clean drinking water. plaine is committed to improving the water supply in the poorest regions of the world and supports the relief organization „Ingenieure ohne Grenzen“ (engineers without borders).


Thoroughly ecological

The packaging of the plaine “Pulverwunder“ is based on renewable raw materials, is printed with colors free from mineral oils and made in Germany. The folding boxes are manufactured in the Black Forest region in Germany with paper from responsible sources. The wood required for the manufacturing of the paper is supplied from within a radius of no more than 150 km.


A delicate scent and a rich lather that leaves a pleasant feeling on skin and hair – all that is provided by a small, convenient sachet: 3in1 plaine Pulverwunder.

More information: www.plaine.de