13 - 16 February 2024 // Nürnberg, Germany


Past and future

© Elfriede Dambacher, naturkosmetik konzepte

How can you plan for the future when you can already see that the prospects for 2023 are once again disappointing? What remains? And what can we do without? Based on sobering predictions about the consumer climate and the crisis in the organic sector, other cutbacks are to be expected, and the natural cosmetics industry won’t be spared.

But our sector is actually doing fairly well because more and more people are interested in sustainable products. Natural cosmetics are and remain the driving force behind the cosmetics market, but the sector lacks a strong and united voice.

I remember the pioneer days when we all joined forces for the purpose of developing the sector as a niche market. Those days are gone, the industry has grown and become central part of society. Today the market situation looks different, which is good and brings new challenges. Challenges are opportunities that are worth exploiting. There’s a tremendous need for exchange and dialog. When VIVANESS opens its gates on 14-17 February, we’ll finally have another opportunity for in-person exchanges and inspiration-gathering to help us decide how to shape the future.

Let’s not kid ourselves. Due to cost pressure and changes in buying habits, all market participants find themselves in a brand-new situation. To preserve the variety in offerings and in retail trade, I believe we need new alliances and the courage to innovate. We need brand-new types of alliance and collaboration because cooperation between different companies that share a common set of values will not only make products more attractive, but will also strengthen the companies themselves. That’s just one of the new topics that will be discussed at VIVANESS.

I look forward to finding new inspirations and participating in exciting discussions about how we can shape the future together. If the industry bands together to tackle the issues that motivate people, something good is sure to come of it.

Elfriede Dambacher, owner of naturkosmetik konzepte, is an international expert and author. www.naturkosmetik-konzepte.de