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VIVANESS trade fair and congress highlights 2022: from market analyses to packaging, and from trends to influencer marketing

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The preparations for VIVANESS, International Trade Fair for Natural and Organic Personal Care, are in full swing. In less than two months, all the passion of the worldwide natural and organic cosmetics community will be on display again over four days at Exhibition Centre Nuremberg. In a pairing with BIOFACH, the World's Leading Fair for Organic Food, the event will be held from 26 – 29 July as a one-off “summer edition”. Highlights include the wide-ranging, high-calibre congress, where acknowledged experts in natural and organic cosmetics will explore a range of topics like market analyses, sourcing, packaging, trends and customer preferences, influencer and neuromarketing. The programme has already been published and is available online at: www.vivaness.de/congress. We have put together a selection of the event highlights to help you plan your visit.

Highlights and new formats at VIVANESS 2022

At the summer edition of VIVANESS, exhibitors, visitors and media representatives will head to Halls 8 and 9 to experience and discover trends and new products, visit a dedicated pavilion for innovative young companies from Germany, and meet international start-ups and newcomers at the special show Breeze. Twice a day here at the 2022 edition, a “Breeze Talk will provide essential information on the brands represented. Another new feature at the VIVANESS Summer Edition, which expects to host around 200 exhibitors, will be a Workshop Area with three interactive sessions daily on the topics “Ethical Sourcing”, “Stronger Together” and “Go to Market”.

The congress will take place at a central location in NCC Mitte, hall Brüssel. The programme also includes guided tours on new products and trends and on sustainable packaging. Parts of the congress will be available online, as live streams or on demand. Trade fair visitors automatically have access to the congress. Attendees who only want to take part online can book their tickets now (www.vivaness.de/ticket).

Expert knowledge for the sustainable transformation of the beauty market.

The markets for natural and organic cosmetics continue to evolve very dynamically worldwide. In an era of fundamental transformation of the beauty sector towards more sustainability, the natural and organic cosmetics segment is playing a pioneering role. Manufacturers and retailers need up-to-date, sector-specific and reliable data and analyses on international market developments to allow them to act with an eye to the future. At the VIVANESS Congress, international experts will explore trends and developments from various perspectives and deliver valuable insights.

On the very first day, representatives of COSMOS will take an analytical look at the markets in Asia, Europe and North America, focusing on growth, trends and the role of certification.

26.7.2022 // 11:30 - 12:45: Insights into markets: What shapes markets in different regions of the world?

(In English with interpretation)

Mirja Eckert, industry expert and owner of THE NEW consultancy, monitors the markets for natural and organic cosmetics in the German-speaking regions. She provides the latest market data and consumer insights to explain trends and developments in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

27.7.2022 // 11:30 - 12:15: Pulse check for natural and organic cosmetics: Facts, figures and insights into current developments in the German-speaking regions

British beauty sector expert Amarjit Sahota from Ecovia Intelligence, and Selcuk Mumcu from SynergyNapex, an industry insider from the USA, provide an overview of international market developments. The programme features analyses of the leading countries with data on market size and trends.

28.7.2022 // 14:15 - 15:30: Natural cosmetics: international market update

(In English with interpretation)

Sourcing - Packaging - Certification

For manufacturers and retailers, a sound analysis of sector-specific trends is no less relevant than sales figures and market size. Which trends are here to stay, have lasted for years as megatrends, are currently developing into megatrends, or are newly emerging on the horizon? What is shaping the market and what are the consequences?

The values embraced by natural and organic cosmetics manufacturers and their commitment to sustainability call for raw material procurement from ethically sound sources. Amarjit Sahota from Ecovia Intelligence describes sustainability programmes and associated certifications for ethical sourcing and explains the emerging trends.

26.7.2022 // 15:00 - 15:45: Natural and organic ingredients in cosmetics: ethical sourcing trends.

(In English with interpretation)

When it comes to sustainable packaging, the current thinking now goes beyond the actual use phase to packaging disposal. In her comprehensive presentation on sustainability, Carolina E. Schweig from C.E. Schweig Verpackung Material Engineering takes a broad perspective and includes an analysis of all upstream processes in terms of their impact on the environment, human beings and the economy.

28.7.2022 // 13:00 - 13:45: 360-degree overview of sustainable packaging, from raw materials to recyclate

Certification as a B corporation considers all a company’s social and ecological impacts and embeds sustainability as a key goal of all measures. Mathieu Mohorcic, Business Development & Certification Manager, B Lab, will provide information about the certification process, while a representative of a B-Corp company explains the practical aspects.

29.07.2022 // 10:00 - 11:00: B Corp as a force for good: Considering the social and ecological impacts of a company as a whole

Target-group-specific marketing in times of digitalisation

For years now, there has been ongoing discussion about the potential of digitalisation in the organic food and natural and organic cosmetics sector. New target groups are to be reached. Young brands especially are often very adept at playing the entire repertoire of digital marketing. In a range of congress presentations, the speakers will explore topics like influencer marketing, neuro-merchandising and consumer preferences. How can they be tracked down via their internet search behaviour, for example, and how marketing decisions can be made based on data will also be explained.

Mirja Eckert from THE NEW, and Maximilian Marten from Marten Management Consulting will look at the influencer and creator economy: How do digital storytellers manage to reach out to their community and establish a dialogue with it? Underpinned by valuable insights and practical examples, this TED-style talk shows the potential for vendors of natural and organic cosmetics.

27.7.2022 // 14:15 - 15:15: Innovative approaches to target group engagement: The influencer and creator economy

More and more data are freely accessible on the internet. But how can companies filter and use this data for market research purposes and product strategies? Using the example of the AI software eyva, Djef Riady Rifamole and Daniel Cocard from datazeit will show how to reduce time-consuming data research, filter out relevant customer needs on the WWW, and efficiently align your company's own product portfolio.

28.7.2022 // 10:00 - 11:00: The search behaviour of beauty customers on the internet: How to easily uncover market potential and make data-driven decisions.

Bert M. Ohnemüller, head leadership coach and (co)founder of the neuromerchandising® group will discuss how to achieve success through neuromerchandising®. With his interactive, practice-driven ideas, he will illustrate new approaches that can make the retail environment a place of encounters and “point of success”.

28.7.2022 // 11:30 - 12:30: Change is the price of survival in the (cosmetic) market: News from the world of neuromerchandising®

A survey has shed light on the perceptions and expectations of European consumers in respect of digitalisation and digital tools. What do consumers want in the context of the Green Deal and the future transparency of product information? Dr Mark Smith and Dr Bernhard Irrgang from the International Natural and Organic Cosmetics Association (NATRUE AISBL) will present the results of this survey.

26.7.2022 // 16:15 - 17:15: Understanding consumer attitudes to green and digital: apps, labelling and packaging

(In English with interpretation)