13 - 16 February 2024 // Nürnberg, Germany


On “nice-to-have” and “must-have” products

© Elfriede Dambacher

Innovation is the lifeblood of the cosmetics market, and the natural and organic cosmetics market thrives primarily on compelling innovations that play no small part in dispelling some of the preconceptions about this segment.  

The post-VIVANESS period is therefore a time of intensive testing for me. My bathroom is packed with award-winning new products and innovations that reflect the latest trend categories. I am taking a special interest in trending products in innovative facial skin care. Natural and organic cosmetics have meanwhile reached an extremely high standard, which inevitably means that genuine innovations are becoming rarer. Now that all product categories have been covered, the next phase in this young market involves reformulations and optimizations of product ranges. This growing product range gives consumers plenty of choice, and supply is increasing thanks to a lot of “nice-to-have” products. The market is now changing very rapidly, and there is a growing demand for products that represent something special, e.g., because they are particularly eco-friendly or contain a new ground-breaking active ingredient.

This gap in the market is currently being closed by a lot of people who are changing careers or are newcomers to the segment, some of whom featured at the special show BREEZE at VIVANESS. This year too, they cleaned up some of the BEST NEW PRODUCT AWARDS. I was therefore very curious to see which trailblazing new products were available in the supreme discipline of facial care. I therefore decided to test the first vegan (!) beauty fluid with plant-based collagen, the first genuine alternative to “natural collagen” which is still obtained from animal sources. Every day, I applied my usual day cream to one side of my face and the test product to the other. I wanted to know what would happen and so I did this for two months, before I discontinued the test. Why? The right side of my face, which I had used the plant-based beauty fluid on, has a visibly tighter skin structure than my left side. To stop the difference from becoming even greater, I started using my new MUST-HAVE product immediately. Once again, I am impressed by the effectiveness of natural and organic cosmetic products.

Elfriede Dambacher, owner of the Naturkosmetik Konzepte consultancy, is an international cosmetics industry expert and author.