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Trapped in the comfort zone

© Elfriede Dambacher

I like to read customer magazines and when the topic is cosmetics, I also view them through a professional lens. As far as content is concerned, they all include something about avoiding plastic and sustainability. But as I thumb through the pages, the feel of the paper already shows me how broad the spectrum is. Cosmetics are an emotional topic and require beautiful images, whatever the sales channel. But how much glamour and luxury can be credibly communicated in connection with natural cosmetics? How much change is possible and what information do buyers need in order to abandon their accustomed beauty regimes and brands? These are the questions I ask myself. For many consumers, the choice of a favourite brand is based more on emotions than facts. The credibility of a brand that’s in line with a buyer’s own value system and gives them a good feeling is relevant – including at Christmas when products are given as gifts. The satisfaction of doing something good for the environment is one of the reasons that natural cosmetics have gained droves of new users in recent years. In addition, their superior quality in terms of application, texture and effectiveness is putting to rest to earlier myths and prejudices.

Today, certified natural cosmetics are facing stiffer competition. Cosmetic groups are quickly catching up and launching their own certified natural cosmetics. The upside of these developments is broader availability and the fact that the most important certifications are becoming more well-known. Consequently, their image on the market is changing.

Additional information and corresponding brand identities are needed in order to be visible amidst the multitude of offerings and, just as importantly, to fill information gaps. Natural cosmetics brands have stand out if they want to attract people who are ready to step outside their comfort zones and try something new.

Elfriede Dambacher, owner of the Naturkosmetik Konzepte consultancy, is an international cosmetics industry expert and author