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The new beauty decade

Elfriede Dambacher, Owner naturkosmetik konzepte
Elfriede Dambacher, Owner naturkosmetik konzepte // © Elfriede Dambacher, naturkosmetik konzepte

Because the turn of the year also ushered in a new decade, I am taking stock and asking myself what’s shaped the natural and organic cosmetics market in the last ten years and what’s likely to happen in the next ten. Looking back, the experts agree that the cosmetics market has changed enormously. Shifting values, the climate debate, digitalisation and social media have led to modified buying behaviours and more conscious consumption. As a result, the beauty market has become more diverse, more aspirational and more “green”. A completely new green lifestyle generation is emerging. Today, the ethics of the products matter more than their effectiveness. The natural and organic cosmetics segment has made incredible strides. This becomes blatantly obvious when I look at the list of exhibitors for this year’s VIVANESS, above all for the special show Breeze. Alongside established brands I find a large number of new brands that are setting definite trends in the sector. These are brands that are responding to the demand for products that deal with issues like zero waste, and waste avoidance and for companies that show their commitment to society. Such aspects are set to become increasingly important in the next few years.

Although established natural and organic cosmetic brands have embedded sustainability and the responsible use of resources into their DNA, they are struggling to find new approaches to appeal to the wide-ranging new stakeholder groups. They are making high-quality improvements to their product ranges but reacting far too slowly to consumer segments that are seeking creative and innovative approaches. And this is where newcomers and start-ups are bridging the gap, by bringing a breath of fresh air to the kinds of products available and speaking the language of the diverse stakeholders. However, that doesn’t mean that the established natural and organic cosmetics manufacturers have to fade into the background. In just a short time they have made a major contribution towards revolutionising the cosmetics market, and they have done so entirely without recourse to parabens, silicon and similar ingredients. Through extensive R&D they have managed to take on the cosmetics industry. In doing so they have developed enormous expertise, and this is something that these young brands often lack. Fresh new brands have great ideas and established brands have the know-how.

I am convinced that if these two segments were to come together and join forces, instead of leaving the cosmetic giants to buy out the new brands, then the natural and organic cosmetics industry will also be unbeatable in the decade to come.

Elfriede Dambacher is the owner of consulting firm naturkosmetik konzepte, and is an international industry expert and publisher of numerous market studies. www.naturkosmetik-konzepte.de