Natural and organic cosmetics are the future

Natural and organic cosmetics are the future

VIVANESS looks into the future of the natural and organic cosmetics sector with Max Thinius and Mirja Eckert. What are the advantages of the health megatrend and digitalization?

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Together with futurologist Max Thinius and expert on megatrends Mirja Eckert, VIVANESS, International Trade Fair for Natural and Organic Personal Care, is looking into the future of the cosmetics industry. As a result of the health megatrend, consumers are increasingly aligning their consumption to their individual needs and will in future also give more consideration to the well-being of the planet in their purchasing decisions. The digital transformation process also offers immense potential for the future of the natural and organic cosmetics sector, with the promise of optimized supply chains and greater adaptability to changing customer preferences and purchasing motivations.

Current market situation

The rise in the cost of living due in part to the energy crisis is causing consumers to currently respond especially sensitively to price increases. This is reflected in the declining consumption of sustainable products. There has been a particular decrease in the importance of sustainable attributes when purchasing non-food articles. Under these circumstances, how can the natural and organic cosmetics sector safeguard its viable future?


Digital transformation offers a great opportunity

A promising approach for future developments in the industry is the effective use of digital tools. Mirja Eckert, an expert on sustainability, megatrends and future-oriented lifestyles, explains: “Digital services and the capture and analysis of data are becoming increasingly important.” According to Max Thinius, the natural and organic cosmetics sector, with “its target group that is basically open to different and novel approaches”, is well positioned for the digital transformation journey.


Distinct advantage for natural and organic cosmetics

By tracking personal data, cosmetic customers gain a comprehensive picture of their individual needs. In this way, consumer behaviour can be directed towards products that help improve their own well-being. In addition, health is increasingly being considered holistically, including aspects such as the good of the planet and respecting planetary boundaries.* “And this is where natural and organic cosmetics have the competitive edge, as they are good for individual well-being as well as the environment,” agree Mirja Eckert and Max Thinius.


Implications for the industry

Max Thinius says that the necessary technology to collect the appropriate information is already available. He believes that in the natural and organic cosmetics sector, it is essential for producers, processors and associations to already be networking with one another, sharing their accumulated knowledge and communicating their benefits transparently. VIVANESS offers all stakeholders an appropriate platform for doing this. At the same time, says Mirja Eckert, natural and organic cosmetics suppliers should make more use of existing digital communication channels to better analyse the needs of consumers by evaluating reviews and chat forums and aligning their product range and communications accordingly. Eckert also sees exciting potential within the research and development field (R&D), where digital laboratories, for example, could continue to develop the innovative strength of health-promoting natural and organic cosmetic products.

*Source: Health Megatrend by zukunftsInstitut


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