26 - 29 July 2022 // Nürnberg, Germany

+++ POSTPONEMENT: BIOFACH and VIVANESS will take place in 2022 from July 26-29. You can find more information HERE. +++

See and be seen: exclusive advertising within the signage for VIVANESS

Your advertising on the official signage for VIVANESS. Make use of the advertising preview in order to take a look now at your advertising on the displays used in the signage in the exhibition centre.

Advertising preview

The advertising preview provides you with an impression of the visually stunning advertising on the signage.

Preview Digital Sinage at the VIVANESS

To the advertising preview

Your advantages in overview:

  • The focus of attention for all visitors: the integration of your advertising in the event’s signage guarantees you the visitors’ interest
  • Motion and motifs: with moving images and films you achieve a very high level of attention
  • Advertising at the right time: strengthen your presence in the entrances during the peak arrival and departure times
  • Advertising at the place of orientation: your advertising is placed right next to the areas essential for orientation and is “sought” by the visitors
  • Long-distance effect: the dimensions of the displays achieve a great long-distance effect and thus a long attention span for the visitors on their way into the halls

Your possible locations:

Displays at VIVANESS

Digital Signage Displays