Alexander Flohr

Alex here, a 39-year-old young master craftsman with my own construction company. I have a small belly and carry stones all day long. I live and cook vegan, and my enthusiasm for plant-based food is more important to me then convincing people to go vegan. I used to weigh 135 kilos, and my health was a major issue, from joint pains to heart and circulation issues. Today, I’ve dropped nearly 50 kilos., and I do my best to keep the weight off and stay healthy. By the way, I loved meat for 30 years, but today I'm glad that I don't need animals to produce food and clothes for me. Today I know differently and live differently, and I would be happy if my recipes and my story inspire you to go a similar way - or simply just try it out. You can find my recipes in my cookbooks Hier kocht Alex- vegan satt and Oberlecker, as well as on my Youtube cooking show Hier kocht Alex, produced by the animal rights organization PETA.