Universität Bayreuth – Nordbayerisches Zentrum für NMR-Spektroskopie

Prof. Dr. Stephan Schwarzinger

Manager Northbavarian NMR Centre, Head of working group "CSI Food Bayreuth" / Universität Bayreuth...

Stephan Schwarzinger is professor for biophysical chemistry and executive manager of the North Bavarian NMR Centre at the University Bayreuth. He uses the NMR technology (magnetic resonance) and other analytical methods to establish ingredient finger-prints for foods. This way dozens of classical quality parameters can be determined in quick analysis, allowing to save costs and time in food testing. However, the finger-prints are also characteristic for the variety, geographic origin and authenticity of a food. Prof. Schwarzinger develops methods for quality- and authenticity screening of various foods, including olive oil, honey, grains, fish and meat. He is co-founder of ALNuMed GmbH, a spin-off from University Bayreuth, which focuses on authenticity analysis of foods.