Jochen Neuendorff


Gesellschaft für Ressourcenschutz mbH

Dr. Jochen Neuendorff

Geschäftsführer / Gesellschaft für Ressourcenschutz mbH

Managing director of GfRS, a German control body based in Lower Saxony. Inspection experience back until 1991 (organic farms, processors,  importers and traders of organic products).
GfRS has a close co-operation with control bodies in the European Union organized in the Quavera Alliance. Experienced  with the implementation of the European organic legislation in different EU member states, in the US and other countries.
Co-founder of the Anti-Fraud-Initiative (   
Coordinator of different national and international projects and initiatives to improve organic inspection and certification over the years, for example in different EU-projects and on the risk-management of pesticide residues and GMO in organic products.
As GfRS is not active in third countries, different members of its staff work as evaluators for accreditation bodies.